Knee Healed after Prayer

One Sunday in November our whole group was out for a walk on a hill near where we live. It was a cold and windy day, but we were having a lot of fun together. There was a huge playground there, and our route went through a forest. There were lots of stones on the path and leaves covered the stones, so sometimes we couldn’t see where they were.

My friends Andrew and William ran downhill so we could not see them for a few seconds, but then we heard Andrew starting to cry. He had slipped and fallen, hitting his knee on a stone. We could all see that he was in great pain.

My mum always prays for me when I am sick or when I have pain. So I walked over to Andrew, because it was best thing I could do, and I laid hands on him and said: “Dear Lord, let the pain go away quickly and let everything be OK again, in the name of Jesus, amen.” Then straight away, allowing no unbelief, I said: “So it is all OK again!”

After a few moments Andrew just got up and ran down the hill again!

Praise the Lord!