Listening to the Voice of the Lord Correctly

In the beginning of 2016 I suffered a bad soccer injury, resulting in a torn ACL, meniscus and medial ligament, as well as a resulting thrombosis. Being accustomed to seeing healing take place on a regular basis, I hoped/expected to be healed of this injury without surgery. When the healing didn’t come within a few weeks, I felt led to undergo the first of my two surgeries in order to have my knee unblocked.

One day I was reading the Bible specifically for guidance in this matter and the Lord led me to a Scripture in ISAIAH 35:3-6, which contains the promise that the lame shall leap like a hart. I was very much like the lame man at that stage. Was hardly able to move without crutches, every turn in bed was a challenge and there was a lot of pain.

I took that promise very much to heart and am still claiming this today. One Friday night in April we had a prayer night, where I talked to our group about praying specifically for our needs in the next part of the prayer meeting. I started praying in tongues and knew that in the spirit I was commanding the damaged knee to “behave”, as it didn’t want to stretch and bend properly at that time.

Shortly afterwards the following Scripture from PSALM 100:4 popped into my mind: Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise… I started thanking and praising God for the healing He had provided by Jesus going to the cross for me and then another crystal clear thought quoting the following Scripture from ROMANS 14:11 popped into my head saying Every knee shall bow before the Lord. At this stage I got quite excited and knew that God was doing something powerful. The next Scripture from MATTHEW 18:20 popped into my head saying Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

I understood this to mean that God would heal me that very prayer night after receiving prayer from the group. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone what had just happened and then to ask for healing prayer. Full of expectancy and excitement I shared my experience above with the group and I got them to lay hands on me and pray for my healing. I fully expected to be walking and made my first couple of steps without crutches, but to my surprise I couldn’t do it. I tried several times more and was left a bit bewildered why I was not walking.

Healing didn’t come quickly and after further complications I ended up having surgery in Germany to have my ACL fixed. At the point of writing this testimony 11 months have passed and even though I can get around alright, I am still far from being able to “leap like a hart” and to engage in sports activities, other than cycling.

I know that God can’t lie and in my bewildered state of why I wasn’t fully healed yet, I asked myself what had gone wrong. According to God nothing had gone wrong, but I had made the mistake of interpreting that God meant for the healing to happen instantly after that prayer in the prayer meeting. Had God said anything like this? No, he hadn’t. He never mentioned a time, I had just interpreted it as straight away. I had added to what he had shown me in prayer. Now I realise that God had encouraged me with those Scriptures to believe that the problem will be taken care of, but he never specified a time. The timing is what I had added.

Since then He has led me to learn from Hebrews chapter 11 about faith. You and I, we cannot produce faith on our own. Willpower can’t produce faith. Fighting off satanic thoughts does not produce faith. Faith is either a gift of God or a fruit of the Spirit. In either case it comes from God and not from ourselves.

Abraham’s wife Sarah falling pregnant at an old age and giving birth to a child was not related to never having a doubtful thought or to be able to push all negative thoughts away. She did one important thing right though. We read this in HEBREWS 11:11. Because she judged him faithful who had promised. You and I, we can try in our own strength to receive our healing, but one key thing is that you trust God to be faithful to bring it about. WE cannot produce healing, deliverance or whatever else our problem might be, but we can trust God to be faithful. And that is what God expects us to do!

I praise God for having learnt this important lesson and I hope it helps you too. I will keep you updated about when the promise of ISA chapter 35 is fulfilled in my life. Rest assured, it will come. When? I don’t know.