Seek and You Shall Find!

Hello everyone!

I’m Tymoteusz and I am Polish, I would like to share with you my testimony about how my hamster was found after prayer. One day, when I wanted to play with the hamster, I found out that he had disappeared. I was worried, because he was still tiny and could easily die. My parents and I searched the entire flat, but we couldn’t find him. In the afternoon I prayed with my dad and asked God to help us find the hamster. I told God that the best would be if the hamster would come out for a moment so that I could see where he was hiding. I remembered the Scripture that I learnt during Sunday School: “seek, and ye shall find”; MATTHEW 7:7-8.

In the evening when I was walking around in our flat, I looked around and then at one point I saw the hamster. He left his hiding place for a moment and then disappeared back behind the cupboard very quickly. I told my parents about it and together we took the hamster out. Everyone was happy and grateful to God. I know that prayers always help and that the promise “seek, and ye shall find” always works too. It’s good to learn these important things in Sunday School. I also would like to thank all the aunties from Sunday School.