Supernatural Protection During Car Accident

Hi. My name is Lars and I have lived in Coffs Harbour, Australia together with my family since 2008. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with the country and the people and realize that going camping is a big part of the Australian way of life. So after a few years of saving up, we got a custom-built caravan made by friends in town, with us doing lots of the interior work. On our second camping trip, we wanted to go inland towards Glen Innes with friends for a weekend. As usual we committed the trip into the Lord’s hands and asked for his protection and blessing before we drove off. 1.5 hours into the trip, while driving at about 80km/h on the

highway towards Glen Innes, all of a sudden the caravan started swaying. This was the first time this had ever happened to me and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the car back under control. Finally I hit the brakes, which resulted in the caravan jack-knifing against the car. Both the car and caravan then tipped over, and together, as one unit, turned around 180 degrees so that we ended up facing the way we came from. After the car had come to a stop I asked Mandy and the kids, as well as our friend Chris, who was my co-driver, if everyone was fine. Praise the Lord. Despite lying on the side nobody was injured and our one week old baby Sam didn’t even wake up. All of us experienced an incredible peace, as we later found out, which couldn’t be explained with logic. I was then trying to push the door open, which wasn’t that easy, when somebody was already opening the door for me and got all of us out of the car.

One neighbor came instantly after she heard the noise, as she had thought that a plane had crash-landed. She, as well as some others thought upon seeing the crash site, that the people are probably going to be dead in there. But to everyone’s surprise we all came out of the car and nobody was even scratched.

People commented “Thank Christ that you are alright” and “Thank God that you are all fine”. So we started witnessing to the people, telling them we are Christians and that we believe that God looks after us and protects us and handed out Christian flyers.

Within 5-10 minutes a truck driver, who had stopped shortly after the accident, had pulled the car, as well as the caravan back on their wheels. We sent the ambulance away, as none of us had any injuries and then just had to wait for the tow truck and police to arrive.

I clearly believe there was a reason for this accident to happen. At that time, many of our friends started getting into caravanning, and to be honest, they knew just as little about it as I did. According to an engineer I got to know, who regularly writes for caravan magazines, our caravan was most likely not properly built as far as the weight distribution ratio was concerned, and the way I loaded the caravan didn’t help the already bad ratio, either. I didn’t use weight distribution bars that would stop the caravan from swaying and neither did I know about the importance of shock absorbers and that a caravan should not be driven faster than 80-90km/h.

We are grateful to know that God looks after his children and according to the Bible everything worketh together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose. The caravan was well insured and ended up being a write off and this enabled us to get a nicer and above all safer caravan from the insurance money, which we have enjoyed travelling with since then.

We are grateful to know that God looks after His children

The car had already had a few scratches on the bull bar before we had the accident, as well as some scratches on the co-driver’s side, which had always annoyed me. But I had never been willing to spend many hundreds of dollars on having it spray-painted again. Well, as the car was exactly damaged on the bull bar and co-driver’s side, the insurance paid for a brand-new bull bar and a whole new co-driver’s side, so that the car looked much better after it had been fixed than before.

Above all I want to give praise and honor to God for protecting us. I believe that some angels indeed had their hands full “cushioning” our impact during the accident and this is not taken for granted and our whole family is very thankful for God’s protection and we hope that this testimony has uplifted and encouraged you to get to know your creator a bit better, if you don’t know him yet.